Our kids & families solutions

You are unique, the first solution is an ad hoc approach!


A tailored collaborative process to best fit your needs. To transform insights into buisness decisions and build the future of your brand, products and communication…

How ? We favour a relationship of exchange and collaboration throughout our projects.
We developed specific expert approaches, such as communities, kids workshops, or « crossed vision» solutions.

To get kids to engage to our survey and provide useful information, we developed tools adapted to the age of the children interviewed.

Data & benchmark lab

Are you looking for a few key numbers for an express buisness decision, or guidance, without the need of a full study?

IDM Families are developing a benchmark and database focused on the family target (habits and behaviours, penetration rates, attitudes, etc.) To bring this information to you in only a few hours, along with the support of our expert to interpret them correctly.



Do you have questions ? Wondering how to reach your family target in France and abroad?
Our Omnibuses leave every month to bring you answers.

  • Baby: 300 mothers of babies from 0 to 35 months
  • Kids: 540 parents of children aged 3 to 12.
  • Country on Demand: More than 30 countries covered.

Asku YOUR questions…


IDM families is an approved training organisation. We offer ad hoc in-company training, to accompany your teams to a more performing communication and marketing on your family fargets. Want to go faster? be more efficient? Our tailored training programs will will save you time, passing on our skills in an operational and personalized way:

  • Need new skills?
  • to always be at the heart of your targets’ trends?
  • to sharpen your communication about families?
  • Projects in new markets?
  • Need to train new coworkers ?



Vous avez des questions, souhaitez nous faire part d'un projet ?

Vous souhaitez vous tenir au courant de notre actualité ?


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