IDM international qual quant omnibus MOM© 15/09 – Parents with kids 3-12 yo

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 IDM’s online MOM© omnibus gives you fast access to what parents are thinking on a whole range of issues and consumer products, gets help to drive your projects  with a quick and cost-effective survey.


  • Key performance figures, quantified and strong results through our quantitative omnibus MOM©

Robust and representative sample of 540 parents of 3 to 12 years old kids  per country surveyed online. We can include your questions amongst kids too, allowing you to see how attitudes and behaviours differ
QuantMOM© fieldwork starts on 15 September. Results from W+3
From 350€ HT per question (per country) depending on its complexity and scope. PowerPoint English report, presentation of the results (in situ or phone call).

  • Insights, feed-back results through our qualitative omnibus QualMOM©

Online community of fifteen parents of kids, 3 to 12 years old children, gathered for 7 to 9 days – depending on the number of subscribers and the kind of issue, topic – A mix of profiles (children’s age, new or experienced mom) is ensured.
Launch of our QualMOM© community on 15 September. Results from D+7.
From 2 100€ HT per country – 24h dedicated to your topic on the platform. PowerPoint English report with highlights findings and key lessons, verbatims book,  presentation of the results (in situ or phone call).

For both MOM©, choice your countries : Europe – Germany – Italy – Spain – UK – France – Poland – Russia, Pacific Asia – China, Japan, South Korea, North America – Canada, USA, Latin America – Brazil, Mexico …
Quality of data ensured, respondents being selected from high-quality preferred partners through our Mother Expert Network and IDM’s leading proprietary Access Panel in France.

IDM experienced team will provide you with all the assistance you need in questionnaire design and analysis and will be happy to help you put together your project.

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